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As a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and bandleader, three-time Grammy-nominated Gabriel Zavala is Tejano music’s most in-demand all-around player.
Better known for his work as Stefani Montiel’s producer (with whom he earned Grammy nominations for 2008’s Takin’ on the World and 2009’s Divina, as well as 2008’s critically acclaimed Las 3 Divas featuring Montiel, Elida Reyna and Shelly Lares), Zavala is known as a musical sponge that excels in a variety of genres and sounds. Whether he’s playing cumbia, rock, hip-hop, ranchera, norteña, Tejano, Tex-Mex, or learning exotic World music sounds on the spot, Zavala is known as the man with tastefully edgy arrangements, the guy who understands both tradition and modern times. Best of all: his skills as a bassist, drummer, keyboardist, accordionist, guitarist (the list of instruments he can play continues) is only part of the reason he’s the go-to guy in Texas; the main reason is that he’s a passionate guy who won’t work on any project unless he can passionately wear the T-shirt of the artist he’s working for. If he believes in anyone’s project, he will do it with the intensity he has for his own work. And, throughout the whole project, his upbeat personality is a sweet plus that enhances any project by feeling the studio with great vibes.
If this wasn’t enough, he also has had an impact as a TV host, being the face of Tejano & Más (CW network) for 5 years.
As a producer, he has firmly established himself as one of the key players in the Texas music industry. As a solo artist, he began his own journey with Algo Alternativo (2012) and capped a terrific run by winning Best New Artist at the 33rd Tejano Music Awards in 2013. But that was only the beginning.



As a solo artist:
Algo Alternativo (2012)



                                        Algo Alternativo (Deluxe Version)     Algo Alternativo

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